Common First-Year Home Issues

This past year at Smooth, we have had the privilege of meeting and helping out new home buyers. However, new home buyers come with inevitable first-year home issues. Having experienced and attended to some of these issues, below are some common complications that every new home buyer might experience, as well as solutions. It is also good to know that there is a potential for warranty coverage, depending on the maintenance issue. 1. Condensation

If your windows and doors aren’t installed properly with the accurate amount of insulation, water droplets will form and pile on the walls and structural parts of your home, thus generating mold and mildew. If the rot expands, you need to remove the moisture with proper ventilation throughout your home. This can be done by opening your windows for a bit of time or turning on the ventilation fans located in your bathroom.

2. Shrinkage Cracks

When the lumber used to build your home loses moisture over time, it may shrink and cause your home to “settle”. However, this issue is a bit tricky to fix – the only option is to make repairs at the end of the heating season. If you try to make repairs as soon as the cracks appear, the lumber may not be shrinking yet. Usually, your home will have a warranty in the case of these shrinkage cracks.

3 Truss Rise

Along with the issue of cracking, you may experience your ceiling cracking during winter. This issue is caused by the insulation in your ceiling. It can be usually fixed with drywall tape, but there is still a chance for the issue to arise the following winter. If that is your case, the best solution is to cover that joint of the wall with molding.

4. Wet Basements

If your home happens to have a basement, you may experience some water and

leakage issues. Roof runoff is usually the reason behind these types of issues, so make sure that your gutters outside are not blocked by any leaves or sticks so water can be directed away from your home.

It is important to know your warranty plan behind your home. Check with the builder to see how long the warranty lasts, as well as just keep an eye out for all parts of your home from time to time.

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