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We match A+ tenants with A+ properties.

We care about your happiness and your experiences while living in your home. We have a wide selection of homes across the GTA & surrounding areas.

What We Do For You


Find You a Home

We have a selection of properties to choose from, as well a connections to realtors who can help you find your perfect home.


Offer 24/7

For the tenants who are registered with us, we offer around-the-clock support. We are one call away for emergencies and any of your immediate needs. 


Fair Tenant

All tenants need insurance. We are here to help you find an insurance that is fair, and that covers you for any issues that may happen while you live there. 

Login Portal For Tenants

Our portal allows for a much easier way to submit property repair requests. Using the LOGIN button, all it takes is one click from your phone, tablet or desktop. You can review all your receipts through the portal. 

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