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Maximize Your

Our service costs are competitive within Ontario

With our high quality and timely service, we maximize the length of time tenants live in a rental. This keeps our vacancy rates low while increasing your revenue stream and the security of your investment. Secure your spot now with the best residential property management company in Southern Ontario.

Management Fees

Our standard management fee is 7% of the gross revenues
*Student Rental Rates.
*Multiple property discounts will apply*

Login Portal For Owners

Our portal allows for a much easier way to submit property repair requests. Using the LOGIN button, all it takes is one click from your phone, tablet or desktop. You can review all your work orders, receipts, tax papers and more through the portal. 

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1. Set up fee: Our one-time setup fee includes filling, marketing, financial banking set-up, and all administrative charges. There are no hidden fees. The set-up fee is a one-time fee of $650 per unit.

For potential clients that are already in a contract, we can match it for three years (with proof of an existing valid contract). We’ll also ensure your contract with Smooth covers all of the items you are currently covered for.

Additional items may result in additional fees which will be negotiated at the time of signing.

Landlords often have hidden or additional fees ranging from half of one month's rent to up to one full month’s rent. 


2. Preventative Maintenance: We carefully select contractors and other service providers to ensure the “Smooth Service Standard” is always met. We ensure that vendors not only repair issues but take steps to mitigate them from occurring again in the future. All vendors are insured and verified to guarantee quality repairs and services (no handymen here). 

Many landlords have reported maintenance being completed at a very low cost, or by a “handyman” in order to keep costs as low as possible. This can result in the issues reoccurring, costing the landlord more money and possibly upsetting a quality tenant. 


3. Preferred Price from Vendors: Our program allows landlords to save money. We have negotiated discounts with preferred vendors with proven quality service levels. We have even negotiated a price match program and will beat a reputable competitor's quote by $1.00.

It is not uncommon for property management companies to hire solely based on the lowest cost. This often results in a higher quantity of service calls over a period of time, ultimately increasing costs in the long run.


4. Tenants Pay on Time: We have several processes in place to ensure tenants pay on time. This starts before the tenant is even placed on your property with a thorough tenant vetting process. 


With larger companies, it may be more difficult for them to have a very thorough screening process for tenants due to the influx of properties they are leasing.


Some competitors do their best but when it comes to getting you a good tenant and ensuring your rent is paid, SMOOTH Property Management has you covered. With our long list of preferred realtors, we have all the resources to get your property rented faster than any other management company.

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