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Working from Home Tips

For the majority of us, working from home has been the norm for almost two years. As normal as it is starting to feel, hibernating in one location for 8 hours, 5 days a week, still gets exhausting. If you happen to be working from home, here are some tips to help boost your productivity:

  1. Designate one place for office work

    1. Delegating one specific location as your workspace will void any temptations of distractions, allowing you to get into the zone and solely focus on your work. By separating your work space from the rest of your home and being able to physically enter and exit, it will also be easier to enter a “workplace mindset” at the beginning of the day and exit at the end. This will allow you to fully disconnect after work hours and recharge your battery for the next day.

  2. Declutter, and possibly even revamp, your workspace

    1. How your physical work environment is set up can either positively or negatively impact your productivity. Taking a weekend to clean and organize your desk or laptop will produce major improvements to how you approach your work. Even creating a new set up can help, as it can act as a source of excitement or motivation to work.

  3. Create a routine

    1. Having a routine and scheduling in your daily tasks will help you juggle all the things you need to get done, whether they are related to your job or personal life. Being organized will allow you to feel more accomplished and understand what needs to be prioritized. It is also just as important to maintain a morning routine as it is to end your day with a routine. By clearly defining your work hours with your routine, you can be sure that you do not overwork yourself and allow time to disconnect for the rest of the day.

  4. Stay connected with your peers

    1. Working from home makes it very easy to get trapped in your bubble due to the minimal human interaction. However, this lack of socialization can actually hinder your productivity and intensify any feelings of loneliness and anxiousness. This can be countered by reaching out to your co-workers throughout your work hours, or even catching up with a co-worker, to simulate a physical work environment. Chances are that your co-workers are also feeling disoriented from remote working, so reaching out can benefit both parties.

  5. Get outdoors!

    1. Cabin fever is no stranger to us, having spent much time in quarantine. For both your physical and mental health, it is important not to just take a break from work but to get some fresh air as well. Self-care is just as important to your work productivity as is the actual work itself. Simply going for a walk around your neighbourhood and stepping away from a screen is a good step to give your head a break and relax.

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