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New Years Resolutions for Property Managers in 2023

2023 is a new year, which mean new opportunities to grow your business. These are a few suggested resolutions to help you with your business goals.

  • communicate well

    • Whether you implement a contact center to manage after-hours questions and concerns or you add a tenant and owner portal to your site, you need to have multiple ways to communicate with your tenants and owners. Adding features such as a tenant portal can help your tenants pay their bills, get information about their property and account, and communicate with you at times that are convenient for them.

  • connect with more partners

    • As a property manager, you must have a list of contractors ready to access at a moment's notice. As contractors move on, you need to constantly update your vendor list. If this task has slipped off your to-do list, put it on again.

    • This year, make an investment of time and develop a list of preferred vendors so that if an emergency occurs, you'll have contact information at the ready. You'll be able to quickly send someone to work on the project and put tenants' worries at ease. Check contractors' references thoroughly before making a hiring decision.

  • look into new technologies

    • 2023 should be the year you bring your property management company into the 21st Century and implement technology wherever it makes sense. Not only will you be reducing a workload on yourself, but also greatly maximizing efficiency across the board.

  • review maintenance process

  • make tenant experience better

    • Make tenant screening a priority this coming year. Dealing with poor tenants is no fun. Make 2023 the year that you diminish stress from lousy tenants by focusing on effectively finding the great ones out there. With COVID-19 acting as a driving force for tenants to stop paying rent, make sure to give yourself or your property owners rent security by screening tenants effectively.

    • Make this a goal with a detailed plan to get there. Shoot for a specific amount of retention tasks per month. This could be small (like a card or text to check-in) or larger (like a movie party or gift.) Realistic and specific goals will help you succeed.

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