3 home maintenance steps to remember this year

(NC) There’s always more to do at the end of the year, and your home maintenance is no exception. With summer gone and fall almost over, there are a few things to do before winter hits. Here are some ways to keep your home in top shape and keep your family safe:

1. Prepare your garden for winter. Many of us have recently taken up gardening. But just because there are no flowers to water anymore doesn’t mean your work is done. Make sure your garden is off to a great start when spring hits by removing annuals, cutting down perennials and protecting delicate blooms, plants and shrubs from the freeze-thaw cycle by piling up leaves around them.

2. Check your smoke detectors. This season is when we start using space heaters, candles and fireplaces to keep cozy. But if you’re not careful, a fire can start and damage your home. Follow basic safety tips like never leaving a flame unattended and check that your smoke detectors have fresh batteries and are in good working order. Don’t forget to examine your carbon monoxide detectors, too.

3. Test your water quality Your municipal water supply may be safe at its source location, but contaminants can sneak into your home’s water via plumbing. If you live in a rural area and draw water from a well or a surface water source, you likely do not know what is in your water. That’s why testing the quality of your water on a regular basis is a key part of maintaining a safe and reliable water source at home.

A simple at-home DIY test kit can let you easily and affordably test your water and receive a professional analysis.

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