How can we help you maximize your investment?

Our cost approach is based competitively within Ontario. We deliver proactive maintenance, negotiate preferred pricing with our vendors and suppliers, and put every effort into ensuring tenants pay on time, ultimately increasing your profit margin. Our competitive one-time set up fee is all-inclusive and includes filling, financial set-up, and all administrative charges. 

With our high quality and timely service, we maximize the length of time tenants reside in a rental, keeping your vacancy rates low, increasing your revenue stream, and the security of your investment. Secure your spot now with best residential property management companies in Southern Ontario.



Owner Portal 

A newest technology and a much easier way to submit property repair requests. With the "Owner Portal" all it takes is just one click from your phone, tablet or desktop. 

You can review all your work orders, receipts, tax papers & more through the portal, as long as you remember your password, and if you forget we got you covered as well with a "forgot password button"


Management Fees

Our standard management fee is 10% of the gross revenues.

* Student Rental Rates.

*Multiple properties discounts will apply.*